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31 Flavors of Republican Party Candidates – Dave Wenhold

Flavor of the Month   What a sad state of affairs we have now where Republicans voters jumping all over the place and supporting the flavor of the month for candidates.  Originally, Michelle Bachman was the go-to person for the conservatives, and then a month later it was Rick Perry, or Herman Cain. Then the […]

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Charity Basketball with Congress. Hoops for Hope

As we enter into 2012, now is the time to set our priorities straight. Congress is due back next week to start the business of 2012. Unfortunately, this being a presidential election year, not much heavy lifting will be done from Congress as they jockey to get re-elected. This is not something new but happens […]

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America First

I know “America first” sounds like an easy concept, but quite frankly, nothing is easy here in Washington, DC. For 20 years, I have been an advocate (lobbyist) for people’s interests. Before that I had worked on various campaigns and even spent some time with a U.S. Senator, which gave me a great understanding of […]

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