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Dave’s story is one that is the true American dream.  Dave was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to a very modest family. He was the first person in his family to go to college and his father worked three jobs to get him there. Growing up in New Hampshire, Dave was constantly exposed to politics. His love for his country and politics took him to work for a U.S. Senator, where he was forever hooked.  Dave often jokes that the Schoolhouse Rock video, “I’m Just a Bill” was his inspiration to become an advocate and to lobby for change.

Working for associations and a grassroots lobbying firm, Dave was exposed to the way  the American government really works,  which assisted him in creating opportunities to help his clients receive tens of millions of dollars in  appropriations from Congress and to positively advocate for issues like small businesses, education, animal welfare and disability issues. He then created his lobbying firm Miller/Wenhold Capitol Strategies, which is a full-service lobbying firm assisting his clients in navigating the political waters of D.C. and ensuring their voices are heard by decision-makers.

Dave also believes in giving back to fellow Americans in need.  He is the founder of the Capitol PurSuit Drive event that holds an annual business clothing drive on Capitol Hill for those Americans trying to re-enter the workforce. In 2003 through 2010, he was able to collect and distribute over 51,000 suits (valued at over $2.1 million) to fellow Americans, which were donated by Members of Congress, the White House, and the lobbying and association communities.

For Dave’s volunteer service with the Capitol PurSuit Drive, the President of the United States awarded him the “Call to Service” award, which is the country’s highest award for citizen volunteerism.  Dave was the first lobbyist to ever receive this prestigious award. Additionally, Dave was selected with three other lobbyists and named as one of the most effective association lobbyists in Washington by Association Trends.

Dave recently served as the President of the American League of Lobbyists, which is the association for government relations professionals.  During his term, he debated and won a high profile fight with the President of the United States on a Constitutional issue regarding the right to petition the government. Dave was relentless in this fight because of his belief in the First Amendment.  His philosophy and belief is that America is such a great country, that even a humble son from Portsmouth, NH can grow up and challenge the President of the United States!  Anyone can make a difference.

When giving seminars, Dave’s presentations are an exciting and interactive mixture that energizes and empowers the audience. He is a likeable and powerful storyteller that infuses humor, facts and implementation strategies into each seminar. Regardless if his seminar is about strategic planning, or how to influence the political process, your audience will learn and laugh.  If you are looking for a speaker that is a straight shooter, one that will share what the real Washington, D.C. is like, and one that will challenge your attendees to make their lives better and more successful, then NOW is the time to book Dave for your next event.