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31 Flavors of Republican Party Candidates – Dave Wenhold

Flavor of the Month   What a sad state of affairs we have now where Republicans voters jumping all over the place and supporting the flavor of the month for candidates.  Originally, Michelle Bachman was the go-to person for the conservatives, and then a month later it was Rick Perry, or Herman Cain. Then the […]

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America First

I know “America first” sounds like an easy concept, but quite frankly, nothing is easy here in Washington, DC. For 20 years, I have been an advocate (lobbyist) for people’s interests. Before that I had worked on various campaigns and even spent some time with a U.S. Senator, which gave me a great understanding of […]

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Meeting Planner Resources

Meeting Planner Resources Full Bio | Short Bio for Introductions |Pre-Program Checklist |Pre-Program Questionnaire To save any images displayed below, please right click and select save as to download.

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Executive Seminars

DISC Personality Profile Styles Understanding how to interact with others on your team or within your organization is critical to ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goal. Using a professional, yet fun, personality profile test will help you understand the dynamics within your staff, team or organization. This is an excellent seminar for […]

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Legislative Seminars

How Washington Really Works Understanding Washington and its players is the key to getting what you want out of your legislators. Dave will teach your members how to navigate the waters, interact with and manage your contacts and learn the tricks of the trade that influence policymakers to support your legislative goals. Time Frame 1-3 […]

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Get In Touch

Get In Touch With Dave: 10623 Jones Street Suite 101-A Fairfax, VA 22030 Email: Follow Me On Twitter! Follow Me On Facebook! Phone: 703-927-1453 Fax: 703-935-2266

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