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DISC Personality Profile Styles
Understanding how to interact with others on your team or within your organization is critical to ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goal. Using a professional, yet fun, personality profile test will help you understand the dynamics within your staff, team or organization. This is an excellent seminar for Boards and leadership teams. It allows all the attendees to understand what makes each individual tick and how they respond to other personalities. Dave then utilizes the different profiles and has your team work to solve common problems. Acknowledging your team’s individuality is critical to understanding where you are going and how you plan to get there. Time Frame 4-6 hours.

Creating Solutions!
Simply, this seminar works with key constituents or members to identify solutions to challenges affecting the profession. This is the ultimate brainstorming session that taps into the collective brilliance of your team. Participants are presented with an issue pertinent to the industry to examine and discuss with the objective of brainstorming and identifying effective solutions. Often, having a third-party facilitator breaks the logjam of creative thinking and adds credibility to your organization’s efforts. Time Frame 2-4 hours.

Leadership Seminar
Dave provides leadership and team building seminars that allow your organization to work more effectively. These seminars can be catered to intimate groups or to strengthening coalitions with your chapters, affiliates or targeted constituents in your organization. This seminar is designed to ensure that your members, partners and affiliates are working towards the same goal. Dave works with you to customize the strategic and tactical levels of discussion that will allow your attendees to walk away with real tools that they can utilize and implement immediately. Time Frame 4 hours – 2 days.

Strategic Planning
Regardless of your organization’s size, you should always be planning for the future. This interactive seminar challenges your key decision-makers by asking them to determine the organization’s future. Dave has assisted dozens of organizations in creating workable, no nonsense strategic plans that chart your organizations sort and long-term goals. Dave helps you find the solutions and facilitates the discussions that allow for candid dialogue and set out tangible goals and timetables. Time Frame 6 hours – 2 days.

Survivor Seminar
Based on the hit TV show, this highly interactive and entertaining seminar gets your members personally engaged in solving the issues facing your profession or industry. The Survivor Seminar encourages individuals to effectively work as a team, to be competitive, and challenge themselves to be the last team standing — the ultimate Survivor. This program benefits your organization by tapping in to the collective knowledge of those attending the seminar, engaging your members on critical organizational issues and actively developing solutions to real-world challenges. By being part of the solution, your members become your best advocates and effective messengers to others within your membership or organization. Time Frame 3-4 hours.

Right Brain/Left Brain Marketing
Understanding how people perceive you and your perceptions of the world can often dictate your success or failure in your career. This seminar will show you how the brain operates in marketing you, your skills and help you master your surroundings. We are constantly inundated with professional marketing techniques and this seminar will help you separate the substance from the flash. Time Frame 1-2 hours.

Fear Factor

Did you know that public speaking is THE number one fear, even over death!  Understanding how to deliver your message is a critical component to influencing others.  Whether it is a board meeting, a local gathering, or a keynote in front of an audience of a thousand, most people get the butterflies and break into a cold sweat.  Dave will teach you the science behind our fears and help you create easy solutions which allow you to covert that nervous energy into that a powerful, empowering force that energizes the crowd. Time Frame 1-2 hours.

Embracing Change

No one actively seeks change when times and life are good, but the world’s top innovators understand that change is constantly happening around us and to maintain the status quo is a recipe for disaster.  Major blue-chip companies, who were on top of the world one moment, disappear almost overnight in this fast-paced world.  This seminar will examine how change affects all of us and how you can embrace, react positively to and succeed with changes in your industry and life. Time Frame 1-2 hours.

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

Learn what every body is saying to you and how to utilize those subtle signals to judge any situation. Whether it is in the elevator, the office, a courtroom, or a boardroom, the unconscious signals that a person’s body sends out will allow you to better read them. This fun and interactive seminar will show you how to make an impact with others though nonverbal communication. Studies show that 93% of communication effectiveness is based upon nonverbal cues. So what is your body telling others? Time Frame 1-2 hours.