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Diana asked 7 years ago

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As I said, I’d be willing to bet that the professionals on the Sox can determine Middlebrooks’ worth without handing him the keys with no in-house recourse. In addition, and this is a point that has been made consistently, the Sox won because of depth. Middlebrooks’ and Bradley’s hitting troubles last year are just two examples of how difficult it can be for young players to develop the needed consistency right off the bat. Chances are better than 50-50 that even “can’t miss” Bogaerts has a similar spell in 2014 that could necessitate sending him back to Pawtucket for a couple weeks. At that doesn’t even account for injuries. It’s much preferable having to split at-bats between Drew, Middlebrooks and Bogaerts (even given that none of them slumps or gets hurt) than risking having John McDonald or Rafael Furcal man SS for 6 weeks because of an injury. And having the depth on the left side of the infield is even more important if Bradley is going to start in CF. There is no real logical reason not to sign Drew if he can be had at the right price and the right years. It makes the team better and it doesn’t “block” anyone. I, for one, would rather see the Sox compete for a back-to-back in 2014 than abandon gamble in order to hand the job to someone who hasn’t earned it. But then, I don’t care where the Sox players played their minor league ball, whether its Pawtucket, Indianapolis or Albuquerque. I just want to see the MLB Sox win. If a majority of their players are internally developed, that’s real nice, but not in the least important.